Who is our Young Marketer 2016?

Name and job title:

Helen Tweed, Marketing Manager, easipetcare ltd

Any hobbies etc you want to tell us all about or family?

I’m really into keeping fit and enjoy weekly strength and Zumba classes. I’m also a trained dancer although only really participate in this nowadays on a night out after a few vinos!

How did you find yourself in your current role / what led you into the animal health industry?

I was looking for a new challenge in my career but was considering roles in a number of industries. I came across the job post for easipetcare and immediately knew this was where I wanted to be. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview for the role and was delighted when I was then offered the position. I feel like my career development has been on fast-track since joining the company as I have had the opportunity to lead so many projects! I love being able to ‘talk pets’ all day every day – this is definitely the industry for me 🙂

What achievement are you are most proud of in your business life?

I would honestly have to say this award. I have worked hard to get to where I am in my career, supported by an amazing family and fiancé who I know are really proud of me, but this is really the icing on the cake to have such a prestigious recognition of what I have achieved.

What do you feel are the main marketing challenges facing the animal health industry today?

I think our challenge as animal health marketers is probably the one felt by marketers as a whole – the holy grail of customer loyalty. More than ever consumers are adept at ‘shopping around’ and are not averse to using a number of brands to meet the same needs. This is true for the animal health industry for both B2B and B2C companies as buyers have a wealth of choice easily accessible to them and so they are less inclined to stay with a single brand through loyalty. I think as marketers we have to stay true to the basics and determine exactly what it is our customer needs, and then meet that need. It’s the 101 of marketing principles but in an age of enhanced technology and digital developments sometimes that core thinking gets lost amongst the ‘wow’. If loyalty is what we seek then we have to get back to ‘thinking customer’ and build in the appropriate channels from that start point.

Do you have a favourite personal or business-related mantra / words of wisdom e.g. “If you do what you have always done you’ll get what you have always got” and why do you like this?

I didn’t grow up as a confident, career-driven individual but I find the more I tackle in life, the more I find I am capable of. I would therefore say the phrase “your only limit is you” is something I have grown to relate to.

Do you have / would you like any pets?

I am the proud owner of 2 beautiful Maine Coons – one brown and white (Ralph) and one red and white (Enzo). Ralph is a big softie and will happily have a cuddle at any time of the day; Enzo is more playful and loves nothing more than playing fetch with a screwed up tissue! No matter how much we try fancy toys he always seeks out the kitchen roll!

How did you come to apply for YMOTY? What / who encouraged you to apply?

I just stumbled across the awards one day and suggested to my manager, Judy Walker, that I could apply. She was 100% in support of me doing so and has been behind me every step of the way.

How did you find the process? / what was your experience of the process of applying / being interviewed etc?

The application process provided a great opportunity for me to stop and reflect on all that I had achieved through my first year in post and provided a great sense of pride and accomplishment. The interview stage was nerve-racking but I do enjoy a challenge and found that I soon settled as Mo and Stephen were so encouraging. I honestly enjoyed the process and found it to provide a real boost for my confidence, even before the win.

What will you do with the £2k bursary? How will this help you professionally?

I am keen to look at digital courses or qualifications as a way of enhancing my current skill set. The world of digital is fast-moving and ever-changing and I think you have to constantly work to stay on top of it all! I am keen to develop my knowledge of digital to improve my skill set, to effectively support my department and to ensure we are reaching out to our customers in the best ways possible.

What did you do with the £500 personal award?

I have decided to spend £100 of it on something for me to keep but the rest will go towards my wedding in September this year.

Why should other marketers in animal health apply / not be afraid to apply for YMOTY bursary?

It provides a great opportunity for you to put yourself outside of your comfort zone and to really celebrate what you have achieved over the last year. Just by taking the time to complete the submission you get to take pride in identifying all that you are achieving in your role and in your company. The interview is challenging but the experience is greatly rewarding and I even found it to be enjoyable… especially if you win!

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