What is Veterinary Marketing?

Veterinary Marketing covers a diverse range of disciplines and job titles across a variety of industries connected with animal health and wellbeing and/or the veterinary profession.

VMA members work in:

  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Insurance
  • Advertising and Media
  • Market Research
  • First Opinion and Referral Veterinary Practices
  • Publishing
  • Events Management and Continuing Professional Development
  • Veterinary Wholesale and Supply Chain Management

Their roles include:

  • Marketing Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Advertising and PR Executives
  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Marketing/Brand Managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Training Managers
  • Client care staff
  • Technical Managers
  • Territory Managers

Some of these professionals have started out working in other industries before finding a niche for themselves in veterinary marketing. Others will have begun their careers in clinical veterinary practice as veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, or practice managers before moving into non-clinical roles within the wider veterinary profession and from there gone on to forge a career in veterinary marketing. Many members combine several roles within the veterinary industry, and some work in marketing roles both within and outside the veterinary world.

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