The VMA Annual Awards Winners

Veterinary Media Advertising Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedHighly CommendedFinalistFinalist
TitleSeresto - The Beauty of ItBVD Zero - Naked Farmer dairy adMetacam dog - Fearless Furry AeroplaneVeterinary Fertility solutionsUpCard relaunch
ClientBayerBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimZoetisVetoquinol
AgencyWe are MBCICCICCRLHStanton Shalcross

Farm Media Advertising Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedFinalistFinalistFinalist 
TitleIngelvac CircoFlexBVD Zero - Naked Farmer beef adBVD Zero - Naked Farmer dairy adFarmer Fertility solutionsPrevention Works
ClientBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimZoetisBoehringer Ingelheim
AgencyHaleswayICCICCRLHIn house

Advertising Campaign Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedHighly CommendedFinalistFinalist
TitleSeresto - The Beauty of ItBVD Zero - Naked FarmerVetmedin - Murmurs now mean so much moreDrontal - ABC first steps for new ownersUpCard relaunch
ClientBayerBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimBayerVetoquinol
AgencyWe are MBCICCICCPegasusStanton Shalcross

Marketing Campaign Award – (companies with a UK turnover under £12.5M)

 WinnerHighly CommendedHighly CommendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleThe Anti-Tox rangeNew practice launchSmart OxygenSummer of LoveiRecallConnected
ClientTVM UKBallinger EquineMDCEasipetcareVirtual RecallWhite Cross Vets
AgencyWe are MBCAh! Hillier ConsultingMiranda Luck and Associates in conjunction with MissyRedBootsIn houseFdK Design ConsulatantsIn house and PMD Creative Solutions Limited

Marketing Campaign Award (companies with a UK turnover over £12.5M)

 WinnerHighly commendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleMilbemax WormWise campaign launchVetmedinBe a hero for guide dogsHealth and Mobility CampaignThe Big Tick Project results campaign
ClientElancoBoehringer IngelheimSimply HealthAnimed DirectMSD Animal Health
AgencyNyxeonICCWe are MBCThe Ice AgencyMobas

Direct Mail Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleHeart of the Matter magazineEquisolon mailerIVC AcquisitionSemintraBravecto
ClientPride Veterinary CentreBoehringer IngelheimIndependent VetcareBoehringer IngelheimMSD Animal Health
AgencyFluid IdeasICCICCMobas

Detail Aid Award

 WinnerHighly commendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleThe Anti-Tox RangeBovikalc whole herd approach for hypercalcaemiaOnsior Blue PawsiRecall detail aidVetmedin eDetail aid
ClientTVM UKBoehringer IngelheimElancoVirtual RecallBoehringer Ingelheim
AgencyWe are MBCWizzardPegasusFdK Design ConsultantsICC

International Marketing Campaign Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleUbropenBovikalc whole herd approach for hypercalcaemiaBVD Zero - naked farmerBovalto Respi 3 and 4Sphereon
ClientBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer IngelheimMSD
AgencyICCWizzardICCICCPMN Group

Point of Sale Award

 WinnerHighly commendedFinalistFinalistFinalist
TitleMilbemax WormWise campaign launchPet Owner POS CampaignZolvix - it’s a state of mindThe Big Tick Waiting Room CampaignBe a Hero For Guide Dogs
ClientElancoTVM UKElancoMSD Animal HealthSimply Health
AgencyNyxeonWe Are MBCRDP Advertising and MarketingMobasWe Are MBC

Practice Marketing Award

 WinnerHighly CommendedHighly CommendedFinalistFinalist
TitleReasons to ReferNew practice launchVIP CampaignSummer of LoveNew website and SEO activities
ClientPride Veterinary CentreBallinger EquineScarsdale Veterinary GroupEasipetcareLime Trees vets
AgencyFluid IdeasAh! Hillier Consultingm360In houseVet Help Direct

Exhibition Award

TitleAdvocate & SerestoBoehringer AcademyThree Counties Show 2017IRecall Exhibition StandTAL Care & Connect
ClientBayerBoehringer IngelheimMeadow Farm vetsVirtual RecallBoehringer Ingelheim
AgencyCourts DesignStand CreativeFdK Design ConsultantsStand Creative

Integrated Digital Campaign Award

TitleViral CatsAdvocate act against lungwormHorse Dialog
AgencyPegasusPegasusOST Marketing

Digital Technology Award

 WinnerHighly commended
TitleVetmedinBovela eDetailer
ClientBoehringer IngelheimBoehringer Ingelheim

PR Award

 WinnerHighly commendedFinalistFinalist
TitleAct Against LungwormDisease? Not on my FarmTaz is brought back to lifeCalf Matters
ClientBayerMSD Animal HealthInglis VetsMerial Animal Health
AgencyRed ConsultancyPMN Group & Pinstone CommunicationsHornbeam

Young Marketer of the Year Award

 WinnerHighly commendedFinalist   
NameAnna ThomasHamzah MalikMatt Yarnall
CompanyAgriapetVeterinary Business DevelopmentBoehringer Ingelheim

President’s Award

TitleMilbemax WormWise campaign launch

New Product of the Year


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